Champoux (pronounced “shampoo”) Vineyard is set back five miles from the Columbia River in the Horse Heaven Hills. The 175 acre vineyard was first planted in 1972 and Block 1, the oldest section, provides the Cabernet Sauvignon for Andrew Will’s Sorella.

Paul Champoux for whom the vineyard is named retired in 2014 as an owner and  vineyard manager .  Dan Nickolaus replaces him as vineyard manager.  The vineyard is owned and run by a consortium of partners which includes Andrew Will.  Other partners include Quilceda Creek, Woodward Canyon, and Powers.

Vineyard practices include balanced plants through micro nutrition and pruning to fruit ratio.

The soil is sandy loamy (Warden-Schano-Esquatzel).The area is differentiated from other parts of Washington by the wind from the Columbia River Gorge, which never seems to stop. Tannins are noteworthy in the wines from this vineyard. Noted British wine author and critic Jancis Robinson wrote after tasting several Champoux Vineyard wines including Andrew Will, “what linked them most obviously was the quality and character of the tannis: extremely fine, dark and elegant. Together with the naturally well balanced acidity, they create a wonderful framework for the rich, dark, blessedly not- overripe fruit; powerful wines that are nevertheless models of restraint.”


Owner LLP, including Andrew Will
Vineyard Manager Dan Nickolaus
Cultivated Acres 175 acres
Appellation Horse Heaven Hills
Soil type Fine loamy sand, slightly alkaline
Climate / microclimate Semi-arid desert
Average Heat Units 2800
Exposition and altitude of the vineyards North/South
600-700 Feet
Vine Training system Bilateral cordon
Average age of vines 30 years
Average yield per acre
Plants per acre
3 tons per acre
917 plants per acre
Average harvesting time 2 weeks
Manual or mechanical harvest manual


Champoux Vineyard Maps


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Click Vineyard Locations for more info