Celia Congdon

Wine Club


We have two wine clubs because well, why not?  We have WWC - Will’s Wine Club (our newest and named for assistant winemaker Will Camarda) and BTG - Blind Tasting Group. Both are subscription clubs and each offers unique incentives. However, both clubs share the benefit of guaranteed access to winery events, including our Open House.  Feel free to join both!  You may sign up HERE.

       Will's Wine Club is a more conventional wine club. It offers special pricing, first access to small production wines and the option to reorder.  BTG is about unique wines produced only for BTG members.

Members of WWC receive 2X/year a mixed sample case or half case that we put together of our current  Andrew  Will wines at special pricing. In addition to a 15% discount on your club selection wines, you also receive 15% discount on all single vineyard blend orders. In order to take advantage of the discount on reorders, you must commit to a minimum of two WWC shipments during the year.  

As a club member you may SIGN UP to receive Red Wines only or a Mix of Red and White wines. We will ship your wine as soon as you sign up, weather permitting.

Two 6 Bottle shipments per year (April/October):

                Red only: $290-$380 cost per shipment excluding tax & shipping

                Red & White: $250-$350 per shipment excluding tax & shipping


Two 12 Bottle shipments per year (April/October):

                Red only: $580-$760 cost per shipment excluding  tax & shipping

                Red & White Mix: $500-$700 per shipment excluding tax & shipping

Club discounts will be applied to any orders of our single vineyard blends after signing up for Will’s Club.


  We are currently adding new BTG members.

The Blind Tasting Group is a subscription wine club. It is a fun way to experience the nuances of Chris Camarda’s winemaking at $35 per bottle. Our members receive 4X /year (March, June, September, December) a 3 or 6 bottle set of unique wines (the bottles are filled with the same wine) from Andrew Will’s winemaker Chris Camarda.The wines are made exclusively for the BTG. Unique wine labels developed for each offering and fun packaging are part of the BTG experience. Based on your selection, you will receive a total of 12/24 bottles per year.

The cost per shipment is $125 or $250 depending on your package and includes wine and ground shipping. Sales tax will be added for certain states. Your credit card will be charged for each offering - $125 or $250. We will charge this amount prior to shipping. And we will notify you upon shipment. 

The next shipment for members is December,  2017. You will receive notification when your card is run and when your wine is shipped. 

"I love that the BTG wines are "special" to the club and not found at retail -- it's like being in a fan club."   


Wine Club Disclaimer: By signing up for either Will’s Club or Blind Tasting Group you acknowledge you are over 21 years of age and authorize Andrew Will to charge your credit card for your shipments. We will notify you when your card will be charged. Club memberships can be canceled at any time, after the receipt of your first club shipment.