Will Camarda

Winemaking Elements

  • Closed top, temperature controlled stainless tanks 
  • Compressed air introduced via tank ports twice a day during primary fermentation
  • Destemmed, whole berry fermentation
  • Native yeast 10-14 days fermentation with skin contact
  • Free run into barrel for secondary fermentation
  • Vinification by varietal and vineyard
  • Blending after 9 months
  • 21 months in medium roast 35% new French oak barrels
  • 12 months in bottle prior to release
Balanced Wines
  • Wines with beginning, middle & end
  • Avoiding trend of sweet wines & super ripeness
  • Natural acids and sugar in alignment
  • True to varietal characteristics
  • Expression of the vineyard
  • Minimal intervention during winemaking


Washington State
  • Cataclysmic floods 20,000 years ago deposit glacial soil sediments atop basalt bedrock - see map above
  • Managed irrigation:  less than 12" rain per year
  • No phylloxera due to cold winter temperatures -  vines planted on own rootstock
  • 17.4 hours of daylight during growing season – 2 hours more than Napa
  • Diurnal temp variations can be 40-50 degrees, allowing good acids and ripened pips & sweetened tannins
  • For detailed information of WA AVA growing conditions us this Interactive Map